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Marvel Legends Mandarin (Marvel Studios The First Ten Years Legends Series)

Some Fans thought that Iron Man 3 has ruined The Mandarin, which is totally agreed by me. Originally, Mandarin is a genius scientist and martial artist with ten powerful magic rings (Sounds like Thanos). Each ring has a different power and is worn on a specific finger. It is totally different from the character of the 2013 film Iron Man 3.

To persuade myself, I tend to believe that the character of Trevor Slattery portrayed by Sir Ben Kingsley in the film was not the real Mandarin. Moreover, Marvel Studios will utilize the character of The Mandarin and reintroduce him in the future.

Obviously, the debate would never stop in short. So it would be easier to focus on the character of Trevor Slattery. Indeed, I felt fantastic when I saw his camouflage pants, military style boots, and the coat with some beautiful gold leaf paint on the fixtures and sleeves. No matter who he is, I decided to buy the figure of Marvel Legends Mandarin in the future certainly.

Now, here is the chance when the pack of “Marvel Studios First Ten Years: Iron Man Mk XXIII, Pepper Potts, and The Mandarin” was sold by Hasbro. To show my love exclusively to Trevor Slattery, I bought the Marvel Legends Mandarin solely.

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