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Marvel Legends Thanos BAF (Infinite Avengers Series)

The Build-A-Figure of Marvel Legends 6” Figures usually is the most in-demand character in the wave. I eventually saw Thanos Build-A-Figure one day, so immediately bought the whole series in order to build a Thanos BAF.

Avengers Marvel Legends Infinite Series Wave 2 contains 6 impressive 6-inch scale MARVEL LEGENDS INFINITE SERIES figures, featuring fan-favourite characters from Marvel Comics (Iron Man Mark 43, Hulk, Captain America, Spider Woman, Hellcat and Batroc). Each figure features extensive articulation and detailed sculpting and deco, and each comes with a piece of a large Build-A-Figure.

Before the Avengers: Infinity War movie, there were very few Thanos’s action figures and did not attractive. However, this Thanos BAF always appeared in my mind since I have seen him from a picture. Although it cannot compare to other Thanosnowadays, this BAF and whole Marvel Avengers Marvel Legends Infinite Series are still remarkable to me. It is because I jumped into Marvel Legends at that day.

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    • Kidult King

      Be my first Thanos’s action figure, I did love it so much at that time. I’m so glad to hear you like this post, thank you.

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