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The Biggest Toys’ Centre in Ximending: Wan Nian Building (Taiwan)

Besides the Toy Street of Taiyuan Road (see here), I would like to introduce another old building in Ximending where known to local toys collectors. This is Wan Nian Building.

Ximending (Chinese: 西門町) refers to the area enclosed by “Zhonghua Road”, “Kangding Road”, “Chengdu Road”, and “Hankou Street”. The word “Ding” refers to a business district. Ximending was founded during the Japanese colonisation era as a recreation district, and today has grown into a pedestrian shopping haven.

Wan Nian Building is historic and has been a famous shopping mall since 1970s. There are all kinds of shopping options for us, including fashion clothing, toys, comic books, electronic games, etc. Notably, Toys stores are mainly located on the Fourth Floor. As numerous toys stores have been open for a long time, so there are some discontinued toys. If you want to find toys in Ximending, Wan Nian Building is definitely the answer.

In the past, Parents brought children to come here. When they grew up and became parents, they also brought their children here for toys. Today’s Wan Nian Building is not only a historical shopping mall, but also a good memorable place of three generations.



Useful Information

Address: No.70, Xining S Rd, Wanhua Dist, Taipei 108, Taiwan
Address in local language: 台灣台北市萬華區西寧南路70號




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